About Us

Originally crafted in the kitchen of a small graduate school apartment in 2019, then to the garages of friends, farmers markets and grocery chains, TG Floristry grew to be established as a retail flower shop and experiential design studio in Raleigh, North Carolina. We are a Black, woman-owned flower shop that prioritizes equity and sustainability through locally grown flowers, small farms, and BIPOC growers. We work to provide mentorship opportunities, as well as thoughtful experiences for our clients and customers; while also engaging and educating about our values in intuitive floral design, connecting with the natural world, and building community.

Why Local?

From April to August we prioritize designing seasonally, using flowers and foliage that highlight the beauty of our Central and Piedmont region. When not available, we look to US growers to supplement our inventory.

When importing from outside of the US, we aim to use Fair Trade Certified farms, ensuring that we're promoting fair wages, eco-friendly farming practices, furthering workers rights, combatting against gender inequity, fighting against child labor, as well as supporting efforts that empower communities locally and abroad.


Our Values

Sustainability and Locally Grown Flowers

Fair Trade and Ethical Sourcing

Community Connectedness

Education and Programming